Friday, April 29, 2011

Tragic Irony

          Can you spot the similarity that exists between these two statements?
  1. If we allow these MN Permit-to-Carry holders to have the same rights on campus that they have virtually everywhere else in the state, then I am going to be afraid that one of these carefully-screened, trained, and licensed classmates of mine with a record of responsible, lawful use of firearms might shoot me!

  2. Violent crime with a firearm will never happen at Gustavus (because we’re such a wonderful safe place), so it is crazy to think that there are students who would feel the need to have a gun to protect themselves on campus. 

     I couldn't find the similarity either.  After being momentarily puzzled I realized there simply is no similarity to spot -- they are entirely contradictory and completely dissimilar statements.

    The only similarity they have is that its usually the same person who says both of them.   ...How tragic.


    1. I think I get it: Because GA is a safe place, I am confident that no one is going to shoot me. But I'm afraid that people with a demonstrated record of safety and responsibility at GA will shoot me.

      Is Logic a required course at GA? Just askin'.

    2. Yes. Logic is taught at Gustavus. Therefore, Conservatism is not.

    3. Apparently not. You did not address the logical fallacy by GA exposed in my comment. Try again.